CA Domestic Violence Organizations Stand with Nan-Hui Jo

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February 19, pharm 2015

California Domestic Violence Organizations call for Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig to do the right thing: Reunite Nan-Hui Jo with her child

As organizations dedicated to ending domestic violence in our communities, ed we are deeply concerned by the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office for pursuing a retrial of Nan-Hui Jo.

Nan-Hui Jo is a mother of a six-year-old child who was charged with child abduction.  In 2009, Nan-Hui Jo fled with her child to her home country, South Korea, to escape the physical and emotional abuse of her then-partner and father of the child. After Nan-Hui left her partner, however, he reported it as kidnapping, a common tactic used by abusers.  Upon returning to the U.S., Nan-Hui was arrested. Nan-Hui has been in jail since July 2014, and has been separated from her child for over six months. The child is currently in custody of the father, which we find extremely troubling.

We are deeply concerned that Nan-Hui was prosecuted in the first place. Moreover, Nan-Hui was tried on December 15, 2014, with a resulting hung jury; yet the District Attorney is pursuing a retrial set for next week.   The greatest tragedy and injustice is that the child has been separated from her own mother who went to great lengths to protect her; and their separation continues due to the actions of the District Attorney.  We demand the District Attorney put this matter to a rest and not pursue a retrial so that Nan-Hui can reunite with her child immediately.

We are extremely troubled at the length of the process and how aggressively the District Attorney’s Office is working to prosecute Nan-Hui, criminalizing a survivor of domestic violence.    Many of us who work with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault will be watching closely.  We truly hope Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig will do the right thing.

Domestic violence is not a private matter.  We are all impacted by domestic violence.  We support the Yolo and Sacramento Korean American Community in their work to bring justice for Nan-Hui Jo. We ask the broader Sacramento community and beyond to join us to ask the District Attorney Office to free Nan-Hui Jo now so that she can reunite with her child.

Supported by the following Domestic Violence organizations

(partial list, in alphabetical order):

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach (APILO), San Francisco, CA

Asian Women’s Shelter (AWS), San Francisco, CA

Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF), Los Angeles, CA

A Community for Peace, Citrus Heights, CA

Communities United Against Violence, San Francisco, CA

Domestic Violence Consortium (DVC), San Francisco, CA

Korean American Coalition to End Domestic Abuse (KACEDA), Oakland, CA

Korean American Family Services (KFAM), Los Angeles, CA

My Sister’s House, Sacramento, CA

WOMAN Inc., San Francisco, CA

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